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Our company works with entrepreneurs to help them make better decisions. Our strategic planning solutions are designed to help our clients focus their efforts when resources are limited:

  • Market analysis and diversification strategies to avoid over reliance on a small customer base.

  • Improved access to capital and exploration of financing options

  • Cash flow management optimization.

  • Gap filling to address the evolving staffing requirements during start up and scale up phases of a company.

  • Strategic planning to balance competing priorities and maximize value creation. 



Technology companies face unique challenges translating innovative and complex concepts into high growth strategies.  Biobasix has extensive expertise navigating volatile environments, helping our clients build the agility and responsiveness that is required to create sustainable growth in the tech sector.

  • Extract the most value from R&D programs.

  • Leverage intellectual assets strategically.

  • Communicate highly technical information to investors, partners, and customers.

  • Build adaptive operations that can respond to rapidly changing market conditions.




Biobasix's initial services were focused exclusively in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors.  Our clients have ranged from early R&D service providers to philanthropists seeking to create better patient experiences.  This comprehensive understanding of diverse stakeholder perspectives enables us to remove key obstacles and ensure patients can obtain the greatest benefit from new ideas. 


Disease associations and foundations are increasingly involved in philanthropic driven medical research.  Biobasix offers a suite of services to maximize the impact on your philanthropic investment - ensuring patients benefit from the results of funded programs as early as possible.


Therapeutic development for rare diseases is one of our core areas.  Our team has extensive expertise in niche markets and offers tailored solutions to ensure client resources are optimally directed to drive clinically meaningful advances for patients with limited treatment options.

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