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Biobasix works with entrepreneurs to transform their innovations into commercial solutions. 


Our approach is founded on a simple principle: identify the fundamental advantage of an idea and mobilize the resources needed to turn it into a market leading product.  

Our company offers services across all stages of new company development, helping our clients go from original ideation through expansion to sustainable growth.  We are familiar with a myriad of capital acquisition models and work with our clients to develop financing strategies that best fit their unique needs.

Our start up services can be narrowly focused on specific deliverables, such as writing a business plan, developing investor presentations and financial projections, or providing third party valuations.  

However, the majority of our clients request custom solutions during high growth periods, where Biobasix can gap fill until internal capabilities can be acquired. These types of projects are typically longer term, where we take responsibility for an operation or activity (e.g. market analysis, alliance acquisition), then transition the role to our clients once the roles are staffed internally.  For further information about start up services offered, please contact 

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