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Biobasix provides a comprehensive suite of analytical and functional services. We help our clients gain clarity on how to align resources to reach their goals faster, with services including:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Research

  • Corporate Finance

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Alliance Management

  • Project Management


Our turnkey solutions provide complete functional solutions for clients moving into new areas or during high growth phases.

With our turnkey solutions, we handle all steps from initial evaluation of opportunities through developing and implementing plans that help our clients build their businesses.

Our proprietary approach is based on more than a decade of work with a broad range of clients. 

It has given us an understanding of 
how best to bring together the 
resources, technologies and expertise required to create the maximum value for our clients.


Our company offers economical pre-set packages based on common client needs, designed to deliver results that matter.

Our packages focus on a range of problem areas that are common to growing companies.

•    START UP PACKAGES that build capabilities, secure financing and focus operations for the highest returns.

•    MARKET ANALYSIS to evaluate different segment opportunities for small businesses wishing to expand into new areas where they lack domain expertise.

•    STRATEGIC PLANNING to prioritize client efforts where they can create value the most efficiently.

•    OPERATIONAL GAP FILLING to provide necessary capacity for under-resourced firms until internal capabilities can be built.


We understand that each company is unique. Our flexible service plans can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

We work with our clients’ teams to develop a deep understanding of their industry and the evolving challenges in their organization. Then we work together to develop plans that capitalize on the opportunities this environment presents.

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